Ty gets a backrub

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Ty was just hanging out on the bed one night when his buddy Marc came by to visit…Ty was complaining about his back and shoulders being sore so Marc, being a good friend, offered to give him a nice rubdown! His clothes came off and soon he figured it would be easiest if he just got naked for the full body massage, but Marc had other plans! Continue reading

Dorm room amateurs

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What are the most dangerous (and possibly sexiest) words you can hear when you’re hanging out with your fellow dorm dwellers at college? “I will if you will”, that’s what! That’s just what these guys say to each other on a drunken Saturday night and they all end up taking a shower and smacking each others nude ass Continue reading

Angellucas blonde twink

Cute blonde twink Angellucas was sleep and dreaming of his straight friend when he was awoken by a soft touch on his shoulder…it was that same friend, asking him for a blowjob! Was this a dream or had it come true? Continue reading

Evann and Johnny bedroom fuck

Evann knew his friend Johnny was bi but didn’t really care, he just knew he liked him…he never thought that Johnny might be into him, though! One day they were hanging out in Evann’s room and when Evann dropped his underwear to get changed for track practice, Johnny took advantage of the opportunity! Continue reading

Alejandro and Matthew Pool Stakes

Cute exotic twink Alejandro was having a friendly game of pool with his buddy Matthew when they decided to raise the stakes a bit…Matthew suggested playing for blowjobs and since they were both feeling pretty horny, Alejandro agreed! Continue reading